(Warning..things that are said are hurtful but are coded for safety reasons)

I have recently told my mom about my relationship a few things about it…well it’s my first one, he is out of my race and we are distant. It took me 7 months to tell my mom which she was fine about it…now it’s telling my dad.

Well I feel it is time to tell him about A.B.

Hey dad…I wanted to tell you I am talking to somebody and I would like you to meet him. “Okay…he’s just gonna want to get you pregnant and leave Samantha you don’t know what guys think…” he isn’t that type tho dad. “Whatever go ahead and find out for yourself.”He is going to come this weekend if that’s okay I want you guys to meet him…

Saturday came and well he got to my house…Dad he’s here..

Of course this Mexican macho comes down without his shirt and all tattoos showing “what’s up Diego nice to meet you…take care of her okay.” …”Nice to meet you sir I’m A.B” well that was awkward..he said it and just went upstairs “f*** this you know what Amy you can have a boyfriend! “Amy is my sister and serious? She’s only 14 all because I bring my black boyfriend…smh. Mom we are going to the county fair…”Take your brother” my dad would do that…” no it’s okay Samantha you guys go have fun..” “NO take him what if he wants to go!”

Breaking a Mexican tradition and dating outside of my race isn’t a norm for my family but I was the first to do it out off all.