Your turn tío! I came home for break and it’s nice to have a little fun with my uncle and aunt, cousins and parents. We decided to set up a beer pong game with  my mom and I against my uncle and cousin.”Samantha you’re turn!” YES WE WON that was fun…

We were having fun but my dad seems bothered about something he keeps pulling my mom to the side. “Are you drunk huh are you?!”

why don’t you go to your room stop it already.” Samantha you stay out of it.” How if you’re making it all of our business and she is my mom so it is my business.

Thats when it happened he tried getting in her face again, I tried breaking it up and he slapped me…I F***ing HATE YOU!

I ran towards the dark barefoot as he threw the glass bottle towards me. As it shattered I couldn’t believe anything that was going on. He had not ever laid a finger on me.

“Are you happy? Are you happy you hit our daughter?” He choked her up in the air..”LET GO OF HER!” Cried my tío. As I sat with my cousin stopping my tears he gets in my face and yells at me. It was hard to hear anything he was yelling I was lost of words and thoughts. “You know what f*** this.” He ran towards the stairs as my tío tackled him and calmed him down.

Hours I had already closed myself in my room in fear along with my mom. Until he came ..”let me speak to Samantha..” No don’t leave me alone with him please tia…please mom.” Samantha I’m not going to hurt you look I’m sorry baby I swear I’m sorry…” I kept my head down the whole time as he spoke.”

“I just didn’t want you in your moms and mine argument…me and your mom are going to get a divorce…..”

Although I spoke on that…I shouldn’t go further as you begin to see the pattern. Although I also made it clear a divorce might be best as it won’t be hurting me.