I can summarize my life as a can full of changes! Well we left our condo with my mom being pregnant..I moved to a new school as i promoted from the sixth grade. I have two new siblings which are a boy and girl who are already 7 and known as my cousins. I finally have my own room as we finished the construction at my nana and tata’s house. Oh I almost forgot my mom also had a boy who is now 2. Which makes me 12 years old.

All we need is a wait…

“Mija I need help, I don’t know where I am?” My mom’s second oldest sister gets a call from my nana. “Just tell me what you see around you.”

My nana has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. Which is a type of dementia. The dementia she has been diagnosed with is common in older age. With her depression for years now I am sure her age, sadness and past has a lot to do with this.

The only thing we can do from here is help her as it progresses. This is one of which reasons we moved.