“Samantha let’s go!” Alright good thing I can sleep when we get to grandma’s house. That’s the best about being on vacation. As we get to my grandma’s I noticed her sister’s car was here looks like something good will be touching my nose. “Hi mija, how are you?” My tia is so sweet. My nana reaches for a kiss. “Mija, get ready we are going to your tia’s house in a bit.” ROCKY come here boy…as I got done playing with rocky we had to go. The good thing my tia only lives a few blocks away. “Hey do you know who that is?” My cousin asked me as if I knew more than she did..there were two kids just staring at us and hugging onto this lady. Although we knew something was different from this situation, we noticed our nana had shed some tears along with my tia. Things moved so fast and all I can think about were questions. I know I was to young to know or realize but to see these two kids get put in my tias car next me and seeing the woman put some toys in the trunk and just leave. Her face seemed so familiar. Tears and yelling came from the two kids well actually one. The other one just sat there and bit his lip in fear. I minded my business and did not ask questions until we got back to my nana’s house and then my mom called. “Hi love, how are the kids?” How did she know about them?? I told her they kept crying. “She said “well they are your cousins and your nana is going to be taking care of them.” Nothing still made much sense to me but I just went along.

As I sit and watch my nana calm down my girl cousin as she’s still crying I hear cartoons in the background and a dryer finish a load. I also hear the doorbell! Mom! yes she’s finally back. “Hi love where are they?” She walks towards the living room and then all of a sudden the twins stops crying and yell “MOM!” I look at her like wait what?. She just gives me the..its okay look.