Can I please get a Facebook…please. “I have to talk to your dad and if you do I would have to get your login.”

YES! They are finally going to let me..well maybe. I’m a junior in High school and well lets say last year was harsh as I hid a myspace behind their back and well I got yelled at pretty bad. He told me to go get pregnant and turn into a chola and that he would introduce me to people to get drugs. I wasn’t even allowed to sleep in my own room. Well anyways I am almost going to graduate and I feel I should be able to have one as well I have good grades, I play softball, I do all my chores. What do I do that could possibly stop me from getting one.

“Okay but remember you can’t use it for to long and we have your login.”

Everybody jokes how amazing it is to see me on social media knowing my parents. I couldn’t believe it myself. I found most of my High school friends , some middle school friends and even some family.

Some days I would get carried away and stay on for more than an hour finding my old friends and was nice. But then he would yell at me and look at my history and see how long I was on it and etc. Even though they had access to my account and I wasn’t doing anything they seemed…correction HE seemed to always see me doing something wrong.