8 years and counting…I’m beginning to get a little tired of this. I think I am ready to try another sport. BASKETBALL TRYOUTS! Yes! It’s my Junior year and if I have other sports on my profile they will really see how good I am all around.

“Alright girls.. nice practice..all I need you girls to do is get this form signed and we will need the dues paid by next week for your jersey’s and game travel.”

I made the team and got a position…I don’t remember but I am so happy to tell my mom and dad..the only thing is the money….

Hey dad I made the team! “You can’t play tho.” I can…I have all A’s and practices and games are not conflicting with softball!…“No…you can’t get hurt playing another sport. If you do play another sport its softball but for another team..and and text the girls that we have practice tomorrow at 5pm at Robbs Field.


MOM! I made the team! the Basketball team at school! “Wow love thats great! what did your dad say?”

He didn’t want me getting hurt from another sport…“Maybe we can talk to him.”

I LOVE MY MOM! She is always understanding and listens to me. I swear I feel that he can’t hear me! Even tho he brags about this other girl how she plays volleyball, track, basketball AND softball and is sooo good and soooo powerful. He doesn’t even give me a chance.

Dad look I have all good grades, it won’t interfere with softball or school AND it will make my profile for college even BETTER! ” I already told you no. Your uncle didn’t let your God dad do other sports because he would get hurt in them.

I wasn’t going to win this war…once again another NO to the books. Oh but if it was for softball I would get all the Yes’s.