“Come on you got this!” Let me fill you in…we are at my softball tournament which this is it! If we win this we go to the championship pool if not we go home. I really want to win for my tata (dad’s dad). He has been in the hospital for the past days and well we have been given notice that he has days. I went yesterday after my game to give him one of the pictures taken of me catching a hit. He smiled and said,” that’s my girl.” As he wore the hat my dad got him.

“GO,GO GO…. awwww”

Good game, good game, good game…well that was the end of this tournament. As I have MANY things going through my head…I wonder how my tata is, my arm hurts, my knee hurts and I am so tired!

As we get on the road..I see birds and clouds go the opposite directions. My dad’s phone went off..“Hey what happened?…no….he began to shed tears… I saw him…a hawk was at the game…that was him…mija…he’s gone…”

My cheerleader at my games is gone. My mickey mouse fan is gone. My heart is once again broken from another loved one. Tears ran down my cheeks. As we drove to the hospital to join the rest of my family. We hugged, he cried and we began to mourn. He is in a better place..more than that he is now once again with my grandma..may he rest in peace.