There are boxes everywhere, I feel as if we had just build this box fort not to long ago but we have to move AGAIN. “SO WHAT…you know what we just need to get a divorce.” It’s crazy movies make it so fun and happy when you are moving but to here this at 10 years old. “Samantha come here!” I already know what they are going to tell me, as it isn’t the first time.

“Me and your mom have are going to get a divorce.” Why me? why do you guys have to split and not work things out…I just ran upstairs into tears. My dog just stared and cuddled next to me. Am I going to be ANOTHER kid that says at school that I am going to my moms this weekend. Or I am going to my dad’s. That’s just to much!

I know I am young and not aware of many things but yelling and running to divorce isn’t the ONLY solution!

Moments later…”Samantha..?” YES?

Come down mama..” As I go down.. they say “get ready we are going to toys’r us!”

Oh my goodness I love that store! They have barbies! they have polly pockets oh and maybe a new disney movie! and they said I can pick out a NEW toy! YESSSS.

So I picked this new barbie slug bug car as I call them. I can add stickers….

I bet you’re wondering whatever happened to the divorce huh? Never happened…