“Mija it’s your dad.” Hey dad…. all I hear is sniffling..dad what happened. “Mija…she isn’t here..anymore..she’s gone…my nana. I lost my mind. My dad’s mom had passed. I ran all over the house screaming crying as my nana (mom’s mom) tried to calm me down. I lost it..she was my nana who I loved dearly..we had just lost my mom’s brother now my grandma. “Mija, I know….as she shed tears with me I just lost my son mija I know..”

My nana and I shed tears together as we know how hard it is when you lose those whom you love dearly. My mom’s brother had recently passed away. Which was a burden to our whole family as it was so unexpected.

My nana was such a loving lady..although she may not have taken good care of herself everyone always came before her. The love she shared was amazing and well she was my nana. May she rest in paradise along with her son and my tio.