“I can take you to TJ just find out the place” oh well alright thank you…are you sure I can just ask Maria. “It’s okay I can take you we will go right after you get out of school” Alright well thank you.

When you go to Mexico our cell phone plan charges when we text or call so I decided to text A.B that I wasn’t going to be able to text as I was in TJ. We took my car and were able to get my textbook.

As we crossed back I texted A.B that we crossed back to the US. “I’m going to stop at the pharmacy.” Oh alright which one are we going to? I didn’t mind going I just asked him which one we were going to?

“You know f*** it fine! I don’t have to tell you where I’m going ! Worry about texting your lil boyfriend.” I’m just asking which one? Why can’t I ask?

As we got home it continued World War II. He got in my face ONCE AGAIN…”you don’t even help out around the house.” Wait yes I do what do you mean ? I go get groceries when you guys need something, I take care of my brothers and sister and help clean…”No you don’t Samantha …all you do is pay attention to your phone and boyfriend.”

Wait what? I help out…I work and go to school he doesn’t even see me do this?

Is it because of my boyfriend he still isn’t happy about it.