Hey dad, so I started my senior project about homelessness…I’m going to be going to the food bank with Karen and she’s going to show me around and….”Text the girls to bring pants as we have sliding practice.” Alright.

As much as I was BEYOND excited about my senior project I feel he doesn’t hear me. once again its all about softball.

As time passed presentation dates were given! I am so nervous yet so excited this is it and I am all done with senior year.

“So what time is your presentation at?” Wait what…my dad wants to go? He never even listened to me when I was talking to him about it. I tried telling him about it and he just threw me with Softball. Um dad I don’t think you can go…it will get me nervous and well you didn’t even listen to me when I tried telling you about it…

Well I got an A..I passed my presentation and well wait now my dad is picking me up…this will be awkward..

“That’s it you two need to talk…I can’t always be your messenger…” look I’m sorry it was hard for me to let you go because I feel you didn’t pay any attention to my project when I tried telling you about it. “Mija, it hurt me…(tears began) that you didn’t want me there you’re my baby.”


that wasnt easy easy but at least it’s over with..

for now