“Alright all we need now is just the baking things but we can do that tomorrow!” My mom really preps for our Thanksgiving dinner.  Although our whole family isn’t going to be here this year we still have some close family friends coming over. Pretty exciting for our family dinner and Black Friday shopping. Well goodnight.

“Samantha wake up! They are arguing! He hit her” Wait huh who? My brothers and sister always run to my room when they argue.

“F*** you b***…want me to call them so you can sleep with them…I can get any girl on this…” Wait why the heck is my dad saying this..all I hear is him stumbling and my mom crying.

What’s going on? “It’s your mom Samantha, she doesn’t know what they were doing to me and all she wants to do is back them up….they tried getting me fired!” Oh well okay so mom what is it that happened? “Your dad was in pain and so I fixed him a drink to see if it would go away….” before she could finish speaking…”no Samantha she doesn’t …”my dad didn’t let her finish talking wait dad  I know you have more to say but there are always two sides to a story..I’m trying to get what my mom says now. “You know what f*** you b**ch you’re on her side , you got Samantha to be on your side huh…I don’t need this! you know what you guys can deal with her I don’t need this ..I’m out..” Although he was drunk these words hurt more than a cut through my body. As my mom still shed tears he got his backpack and got his keys. As my sister and I hugged my mom still tried chasing him…he drove off and nearly almost hit her. She told me and my sister that’s it she can’t be with him anymore especially putting us in danger and just saying so much hurtful things coming from a father.

A CAR DROVE IN THE DRIVeWAY…” I’m leaving tomorrow …the roads are to wet..”

Here goes our thanksgiving…and the beginning of a cycle once again….