I can recall the moments I had as a little girl when I had nothing but cleaning up my toys and doing my homework to worry about. I was given an amazing childhood with given flaws until I began to see the light at the end of the tunnel. One thing I can hold was being daddy’s little girl and going on car rides to my softball practices…

“Hey the crew is coming over..” Great.. it is late at night and only one thing ALCOHOL. When these “friends” come it always seems to involve drinking..don’t get me wrong I am not one to judge but when it has an affect on them and us it becomes a fear. I’ll be back later A.B and I are going to the movies.  I am glad A.B and I left before I started feeling anxious.

My phone began vibrating as we were halfway through the movie.. I am sure he forgot we were at the movies. “Your brother is calling my phone…” A.B whispered to me…I HAD to answer even though …silence is golden right. “Hurry home Samantha he’s hitting her..we can hear her crying and him yelling.” Okay sorry we are on our way.. We left the theatre and I began to scream of anger. How could their “FRIENDS” just get there drink and not see what was coming. I had to call my sister to make sure they are okay and to see what is going on. What the heck what happened…aren’t their friends there still to stop it? “No they just left..he got mad that she is drunk , we heard loud hits and her crying..He even threatened to call you upstairs to hit her in front of you.” What..didn’t they know I left? “I guess not but hurry home we are scared he’s going to hurt her..” Look call the cops she can’t be going through this anymore…its ridiculous he can’t keep putting his hands on her please call the cops we are already on our way.

As I walk in I check to see if I heard anything before I go check on them.. “SHUT the F*** up…” Okay here they go…how did this even start!? “Well she was in her room and she texted me if everything was okay as she heard loud hits from her room and then I checked and he kept cussing at her…he told her if she doesn’t go to sleep right away he would choke her to sleep.” UGH I have anger, fear, and just so many emotions….

I opened their door and see her crying on the edge of her bed.. drunk as he is pacing around the room. Hey is everything okay…did you put your hands on her? “She’s alive isn’t she? I tried telling her to go to sleep but she doesn’t listen..wait I don’t have to explain myself to you..why are you in here?” The kids called me scared so I left my movie to check on them..they can hear everything downstairs..”Why don’t you go with your little boyfriend.”What does he have to do with this? My main concern is if she is okay…did you put your hands on her? “You know what f*** you bi***…I don’t need this..you guys can deal with her drunk a**..oh but just know your and my relationship is DONE.” Daddy’s little girl huh? him calling me a bi*** again and telling me he is done being my dad… tears shed down my cheek. I stood there as he took his briefcase down where he keeps his gun. “You can leave Samantha.” No I am okay. I know I could have left but knowing his gun was in the same room as he was angry did not seem right to me..I know it is separated but still. “I said you can leave I don’t need a babysitter I’m out of your lives anyway.” Look I am fine..I would like to stay to make sure everything remains fine..He walked to me and got in my face until my mom said, “Go love it’s okay..I’ll be okay.” Serious? She could barely stand straight I left the room anyways but of course he followed me..”Look YOU need to respect me I run this house…I tried keeping all of this in but you just come like…like you’re my Sergeant or something…” I hear tears coming from behind me…its my youngest brother..”You don’t care do you..this was supposed to be just between me and your mom..but you’re just trying to ruin my family.” Wait…ruin his family..I thought I was considered as part of this family… “I didn’t get in your relationship but here you are trying to ruin mine..had A.B ever hurt you huh?” I do respect you and I’m not trying to ruin anything…I’m part of this family why would I want to ruin it? and NO! I wouldn’t be with a man who puts his hands on me. “Close your room papi” His tone changed talking to my youngest brother who was crying of fear…”Thanks…look what you did..” I walked away. I was going to go outside as A.B waited in the car outside just in case something were to happen. As I walked down I heard stomping “You want to start something up…I’ll give you something..where is he..” He was running to go to A.B I had 911 ready on my phone so I called..

“what who are you gonna call huh? just because I involve your little boyfriend.” No I’m calling to do the right thing…Can you please come to my house my father is threatening my boyfriend and my mom…I never seen him run as fast but he flew back up the stairs. He has threatened to choke my mom, got physical and this has not been the first time. He has a gun in the house but it is separated into pieces. “Okay ma’am thank you for keeping calm……”

I swear I only thought I would here these words on movies and not my own life. As he ran up my sister kept listening for me to make sure everything was okay but she hear him telling my mom” You’re drunk…you don’t even know anything..just because I said something about her little boyfriend she’s calling the cops..I didn’t even do anything to her..all I know is when they come you better fix this sh** and make it right.”

As my sister told me I informed the dispatcher of every move and word. I had my youngest brother go to my room and the dogs went to my sisters room. A few moments later they arrived and removed us all from the house.

I looked up at the sky and begged my angels to wake me from this nightmare. I was his little girl and now I feel he sees me as the demon or something. Am I supposed to feel like this? “Ma’am I am going to need to ask you some questions.” It was 11pm and cops everywhere…oh PLUS the day after thanksgiving..a year EXACTLY after the OTHER incident…

We stayed answering questions until 1am. They removed him from the house for overnight. Is this the moment we can finally take a deep breathe that it is over?

Even though I expressed to my mom how hurt I was from the way he talked to me NOT being the first time..she just shook her head and said “I know..it’s not right..let’s go to sleep.” 8am the next morning..”Guess what Samantha..mom bailed him out..he’s coming back today.” Wait what…my tata talked to her and it ended at

“He needs me…I need to help him..we are going to counseling to make sure he gets better..I am his wife and I need to help him.”

This is the third time “COUNSELING” was going to happen but it just keeps getting worse. This is when I begin to question is this what is supposed to happen to all families at one point? Am I exaggerating?