As you shed tears it brings me back to why I first said yes to you.

You had a special name for these woman…my momma, my granny and my aunties.

I knew right then how close you are to these woman and before you said anything further it was true. I knew the respect you had for these woman you would have for me.

Your gentle touch yet your strong grasp. Your big bear just make me feel so safe.

Although I hurt inside from what’s going on with my family you bring me back to earth and make me forget about everything.

I laugh to myself because of the people who say well IF you guys get married or IF you guys last. Here we are 5 years together and I feel stronger than ever.

I truly feel you were a gift from God to heal the past and knowing your past I truly have faith knowing you can share your success journey.

Whether you are dark or light, black or brown, blue or yellow. I love you for WHO you are.

You are mine and you are my ONE.