I scream inside and cry.

I keep asking myself why..

You know what is going on yet you just keep going. I don’t know if it is fear or denial. You know what he does and says is wrong and you even told us that was it! You told us he needs help and it stops here but you let him in once again.

You know he pushed me away. You know he has hurt you inside and out.

Why didn’t you back us up when the cops got there? You let him get to you and you lied to them.

I sit here today and find out another person comes to you to share my information although it is false but you don’t come to me and check on me. Instead you share it with him knowing he is expecting me to fail.

You told me..”sorry I failed you as a mom.” Please don’t say sorry just please save us. Mom we are broken in the inside and YOU KNOW IT but you still let him just walk right over you.

Mom I looked up to you but now I am trapped. I hope you find the right road. As I am trying too.