It has now been 2 months since I moved. I couldn’t have made a better decision. I feel a huge load off my shoulders not having to be in the house that has left me in fear. Day by day I work on mental health. It has been hard. I received a phone call a week ago..

“Hey your friend from High school called mom saying you guys couldn’t pay your insurance and now she told dad, they think something happened to you guys.”

Wait what? Wait why would she tell my mom boyfriend had called the insurance company to push the payment back a week so we can budget better. This “friend” knew where I stood with my family and she called them to tell them a lie? great. I have distanced myself for a reason..just so that the negativity can just go away.

It hurts to know 3 weeks have passed now from that incident and my mom never checked on me OR she never confronted me to tell me that a friend is telling her things about me.

First I have my dad against me now I just feel detached from both. She tells him so that they stay on good terms knowing he already expects me and my boyfriend to fail. But why?

I sit in shock waiting to see if she calls me to warn me or just to make sure I am doing fine…

Another week has passed and nothing but instead my sister calls again to tell me that the report I put in to the company almost cost my high school classmate her job as she was sharing my information.

I knew being in this world we should watch who we trust but my parents? People normally have a parent they know they can ALWAYS go it is Family is an important thing to me but at this moment I feel I have lost them.

Parent’s bring a human being on this earth to love them, protect them, care for them for the rest of there lives.

My parents always threw a guilt blanket on me for EVERYTHING they did and bought me since I was younger. How they bought me all the clothes, the shoes the toys, the food. I wish I could go back in time and tell them it was okay they did not need to buy me such things. If I would have knew they would hold such things on me just because I made a myspace, just because I had a guy FRIEND, just because I felt tired from school and work to go buy a pie he wanted.

I will continue to question myself but also wonder what I did wrong…

Although I don’t have my parents support I will continue to push forward to show them I will succeed and to motivate my siblings.