I am going to the store today to buy my youngest brother a journal. After he shed his tears it made me realize how much many things have had an impact on him. I drafted this letter that will be on his first page. Although he denied he wanted a journal I know he would feel some motivation and courage to express himself in a new way.


Dear brother,

I give you this journal to express yourself. You can write your music, your achievements, your thoughts, your questions and whatever else you would like to add.

Besides the meaning of this journal i want you to know when people say everything is possible it’s true. As I have told you before as long as you want it you will get it. It may be hard sometimes and sometimes it can be easy but giving up will not ever be an option. 

Everything you deal with in life has been placed there for a reason. Life can’t explain the things we deal with or go through but what we can explain is our reactions.

You are such an amazing person and I am beyond thankful and lucky to be called your big sister. As you show the world your many talents do not let anybody or anything bring you down. And if it does bring you down I will be here to help you back up. 

As you write in this journal don’t be afraid to let it out. Even if you need to walk away and scream do it trust me it feels GREAT. But don’t forget that your life doesn’t end there so you have to keep going.

I love you with all my heart.

Love always,

Your Big sister