I have a younger brother who is 10 years younger than me. He is a bright kid and so loving. My brother has autism but is high functioning. I can say his social awareness and hygiene have been his biggest goals. 

Being ten years older made me like a mom at a young age. I love him like a son. 5 years ago when I was choosing what to study his Autism and my grandmas Alzheimer’s pushed towards wanting to me an Occupational Therapist. 

The way he thinks, the way he talks, the way he does things fascinates me. I am always interested in knowing what goes on in his brain. 

He once asked me if he was special..my mom didn’t know how to tell him he had autism. Well I told him, look everybody learns things differently. The way you learn has a name which is Autism. But it doesn’t mean you can’t do anything. It means you may see things way different from others. As you have this special ability you have to share it with the world. You might connect to things a different than us, you might understand things different but it doesn’t mean it’s wrong…it means there are always more than one way to see things.

Thinking back to his first day of middle school where I work at. He said I got my first assignment..I have to write about how I see myself in the future. I told him ,” Well you know this school has some high expectations they expect you to write a whole paper now. Remember you have to share what you want and what you know.” He came back to me later and showed me a full page. I told him after I was kidding…they only expected a half page. He asked me why did you do that? I looked at him and said just to show you that you CAN do it. He smiled and was proud of his writing.