My boyfriends family helped me this weekend. They helped me seek the answer I have been waiting for.

I had my words tied into knots. The actions and words my dad used and uses makes me not like him. But I love him because he is my dad and he brought me into this world. 

Although it hurts and is hard to go through such things I have accepted that these things were placed in my life for a reason. 

Although I forgive him for everything he has done and said…The pain and memories ly in my heart which will take time to patch up. Although I understand what should be done I cannot be one to judge for his actions. 

The one thing I can do is remove myself from people who are hating and unhappy as it is a virus that tries to bring one down. I know for a fact it won’t get me because I was built to strive through these moments.

And if there is someone going through any problem right now YOU should move on as well and do you. Make the best of what is ahead of you as you may not be able to  change the past but you can have a say in your future. 

Move on because these ugly roads will lead to beautiful destination.