13 years ago I can remember my grandma crying every night. She had lost her mom, her dad, her sister, some brothers, another sister then what topped it off her only son. She was past depression. Then she got diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. Although this is sad to say…I was blessed and happy she had it. She went a whole day without tears. I know there are some days where it hit us hard but she forgot the pain and sadness she had. I look at her today and embrace her beautiful smile that I am thankful to see everyday.

Now as for my brother..I am thankful he has autism. I understand it comes with the struggles but because of what has been going on with my family his awareness is not fully there. He knows some of the things that are going on but something’s that I hope he didn’t hear he doesn’t understand. I know he carries pain as I do as well for our family situation…but that heart and brain of his I know he will excel and push through this chapter in his life as I will be there.

He looked at me today and said ” Dad said I’m not going to be able to visit you anymore? Why do you think he said that when I am already here?”

I clearly understood what was going on but luckily my brother didn’t.