I shed tears when I am alone to let it go. When I drive alone I speak to my angels to look out for me. Although I understand what is going on I have my moments where I question why. Apart of me wishes I was put in a family where none of this never happened but then I wouldn’t have those whom I love in my life.

I received a text from a close friend and she sent me this photo. As I cleared up my tears this made me realize the strength I can control and the strength I have. When you are going through your worse or any moment that you wish can go away always find something that will distract you or do something that will change another persons life.

I work with children and I am lucky to help students with IEP’s grow more than what others thought they could only grow. I also take photos or write to release my emotions.

The best thing one can do is surrounding themselves with those who love and care for you.

As I have been told before this healing process will take a long time. It may take forever the only thing you can do meanwhile is DO YOU. It will be hard and there will continue to be times when you feel stuck but remember how far you have made it and just keep going.