I received a phone call today. It was my brother…the twin. ” I’m a bad person…I don’t know what to do…I need another talk.”


I grabbed my belongings and drove over. Entering that house was hard but my parents were not there. My sister explained that he recently had a panic attack. I was happy he called me.

He didn’t understand what he was going through and I told him it was okay. I already know….trust me I’ve been questioning myself as well. We have been going through mental abuse and have been witnessing domestic violence.

He broke down saying how my dad used to call him a dumbass and that he should go look for his real mom. WHO TELL’S THEIR CHILD THAT?

It makes me think of how my boyfriend told me how my dad told him to check out some girls….

I really don’t understand why he thinks the way he does..

I feel stuck on how to help my siblings…I wish I could afford to house all of them…

Soon I will…

I can’t have him (dad) hurt them even more..