I woke up from a nightmare that made me frustrated. It replayed the stories I’ve heard that my mom went through…

I want to scream and shout so she can hear me.. 

LOOK! Can’t you see what he’s doing to you! Look how he’s breaking us little by little! Mom you have to help us!

You know he has been doing this to you for years! You are 42 now and he’s been doing it since you were 14! The black eyes he has given you! The bruises on your body! The holes in the walls that you hide! The times he’s pulled your hair! The reason why you can’t stop drinking! We are losing you day by day. He doesn’t leave your sight. 

Please listen to me. I’m your daughter…

Your first daughter.

You HAVE to leave him. It’s not getting better. Your hurting the kids and I by staying. 

If finances are your fear we will be here to help you. Just please listen to me. Please. We are worried about you. I promise you will be safe if you just leave him. I get it he’s my dad…your husband..but he needs help. We all need help. Please mom do it for yourself. Help us help you. We can’t go living like this any longer.

Please mom. I beg you..