I have reached out to my moms friends and family. I’ve asked them if my mom ever opened up to them about my dad. 

All of them have said kinda but they knew.

One friend said how my mom showed up with a black eye after being with him. One person said how he would take her away.

What is it going to take for her to realize what he is doing to her. I’m losing my mom little by little as he eats her alive. It hurts to see that. My own dad.

I used to idolize them. If he could see how much pain this has all brought in my heart, the twins hearts and my youngest brothers heart. 

The first time he laid his finger on her should have been when she said no…what is it going to take for her to realize?

I hope it’s not death nor injuries that make her realize…I just hope she realizes soon before it’s to late.