Do they yell at you? Do you catch yourself doing things a certain way just so they don’t get mad at you? Have you noticed your family has been pushed away from you?

Well just know what you are thinking is true. You don’t deserve any of that but you do deserve love. No matter what you grew up seeing or listening to you deserve to be loved. You can’t blame yourself for anything. You have to put yourself around those that love you and will push you to strive for the best.

Also know it is hard. It will be hard to think that your abuser once was a kind and genuine person that attracted you to them. Don’t get me wrong they are but at this time in life they also need help. What you have to do is help yourself.

Prepare yourself mentally..your abuser might threatened to hurt or take things from you. This is the hard part of going along. But as soon as you walk out and put your foot down you have fought for yourself. You can’t do this for anybody else but YOURSELF.

This does not mean you leave this loved person to keep hurting others but this will help your abuser WANT to help themselves as this is the only way you can do so.

You are loved. If you have children they look up to you and love you dearly. You have friends and family out in this world who care about you deeply. Do not feel ashamed or embarrassed as you ARE STRONG for fixing and fighting for yourself. You are beautiful in every aspect and you are beautiful no matter what.

We are lucky to have you in this world. You have a story to share to help another victim.

I am a daughter of a victim. Who continues to be a victim. She has not helped herself. I am 23 years old and the oldest daughter of 4. I moved out of the house to help myself mentally and I share this to hopefully touch your life. I learned many things dealing with mental abuse from my father and witnessing my mom through domestic violence. I look up to people like you that survived this journey. It is hard. It is painful and it is one hell of a roller coaster. Please know you are loved and please understand you are an amazing person that deserves the best.

I dedicate this to those who have supported me through my journey and through my story. I am alive, I am chasing my dreams and I am proud of who I am. I am able to look back and continue to do what I do. You should as well.

With love..

VLR.. call their hotline if you need help if its an emergency call 911.

Your life matters

Photo credit quotes 4 sharing.  ©vlr February 2017