My brother called me heart broken. He felt lost and in pain. He told me he couldn’t handle living there anymore. I told him no matter what I would support his decision. He decided to move with my cousin.

It didn’t happen that easily tho.. he told my mom and she grieved about how my dad chase myself and now my brother out. She grieved that she hated him for that hoping this would open his eyes to get help.
Moments after she spoke to my dad and he told my brother he wasn’t ready. He said he has all the freedom at the house how could he feel anxiety. He then said all the excuses why he shouldn’t leave. 

My brother still moved out. I was relieved to know he was mentally going to be okay. Having to witness a domestic violence relationship and go through mental abuse it has been a lot. But then it doesn’t just end there….
My mom never called me when this was going on. The next morning when she dropped my brother off so I can take him to school she didn’t say anything. But when I was at work she decided to text me a story. To summarize it of how she was disappointed that I supported his decision in moving. How could I interfere her parenting. A whole lot more and said how they were going to sell the house and take my youngest brother and asked for me not to ruin it for him. 

Even tho my brother had shared with me that they said they would buy him singing classes. They told him once my brother finished packing and left. This goes back to my childhood when they would fight and buy me a toy to distract me from seeing their argument. 

I reached out to her once again to show her my dad is manipulating so they he can control them but instead she said well he cusses at your brother but not calling him stuff. Let me remind you he is 13, he has autism, he is the sweetest kid.

As of today I feel I have lost the connection between my parents. It hurts me so much that they will take my brother away. Even tho THEY told us to always stick together …I guess their words aren’t permanent.