My tata (grandpa) spoke to my father. He asked him why is it you think your daughter hates you. My dad responded,” Well she ignores me and doesn’t talk to me.” My tata then said well then why don’t you dig deep to find out. Why don’t you talk to her to see what it really is and solve it…after all you are her dad.”

All my dad could respond is I am not that type of person…

My dad explained how he text’s me but I have all the text he just text me he loves me and to have a good day. For the many times I have reached out to him for us to talk and fix this..he shut me down. He said the letters I wrote him don’t always work but that was me reaching out to him.

My tata ended their conversation..”Well she is my granddaughter and they are my grandchildren. I am letting you know I will not ever turn my back against them and I won’t give up on them.”

I agreed to begin therapy sessions with my mom siblings and dad. I am unsure of when they will begin but mentally it is hard to think how this could all be fixed. It is hard for me to look at my own dad in his eyes. It is hard to walk into that house without having one flashback.