Although I did not like the way my parents were situating things our relationship was fine a week ago. It wasn’t the way it was years ago but it was to the point I was able to feel comfortable to invite my little brother over. Since last week from my mom accusing me of making my brother move and putting high school talk into my brothers head it has been…Awkward.

We talked. She said she misses the way things were between her and I. When we would just talk and laugh.

I hurt deeply because I miss those moments. I miss when I could go to her for ANY problem, for any concern, for a funny story. Now..

Its just communicating when my brother will get dropped off for school and when he will be picked up.

The relationship my mom and I had has not been the same since the night of their fight…after that a high school friend told her I couldn’t make a payment (although I was fine), then accusing me and not even asking if I did the things she said and then apologizing again..

I have shared in a previous blog people run out of sorries.. this has been one in a million sorries I have received…

She told me at the end of our conversation she will be making an appointment for therapy..

Not to be such a debby downer but this has been the 5th time she has said that and all that has happened is PAIN.

I miss my mom and dad. I miss going to them knowing whatever I said was safe. I miss joking around with them.

Words hurt. Words are pretty powerful when they come from your parents. I have been broken by their actions and their words. The sorry I received many times has just been a pile of old bandages. As they layer on a pile they begin fall off…

As I share with my siblings we run out of sorries at some point…we have to think before we say and do something. If you’re mad let it out but not on somebody else. If you want to get your point across there is a way to do it but without hurting somebody.