We left our session and I can share relief. Although I have shared my story to close and loved ones to hear it from another person I feel relief.

You know we enter this world recognizing these faces we grow up to. I can say I am thankful for MANY things. I am grateful for my parents bringing me into this world. I am thankful the love I was given as a child. Although they seem lost now I know deep down they love me. It may be hard for my dad to show it but I know he loves me.

I admit it has been hard. I was warned by many it would take TIME and it would hurt. I mentally have been prepared but isn’t it  good to know there is a possibility to heal?


As time keeps passing I hold precious memories as well as memories I wish were forgotten. BUT everything happens for a reason and I truly believe these moments were placed in my life for a reason.

Something happened today where I was able to take a deep breathe and just let go. An amazing feeling when a stranger tells us I get you and tells us we are safe. I may not live in that house anymore but I carry the weight from living there.

If I came across a child or ANYBODY going through domestic violence I wish I could hug them. The way I would hug my mom to tell her it will all be okay you are safe now. It is hard. Not one person would say going through this is easy but to know IT IS POSSIBLE is a whole new ball game.

I’m thankful, I’m grateful, I’m forgiving, I’m strong, I’m ME.