Happy International Woman day…

To all the woman out there and to all the woman in my life. We are strong, we are smart, we are amazing in EVERY WAY.

I come from a Mexican strong traditional family background. I am nobody to put shame on any men. The men in my family were led to be the men of the house and the rock. But coming now to 2017 we realize how strong and valuable woman play a role. My grandma lays in her bed now having Alzheimer’s but she continues to be strong and smiles. I write this on behalf of my sister and I and we are breaking the chain to not get turned down from our dreams.

We are strong and spoke up through this crazy journey of ours. I continue to pray that my mom realizes who she really is and the strength she really has. This day connects to all those who have dealt with a domestic violence relationship.

That chapter in your life is what made you who you are today. You are strong, you are beautiful and you are amazing in every aspect. We will continue to have days where we want to sit and crawl into a ball. But we have the strength to get back up and keep going. We are RESILIENT.

I am ending the cycle for my family to not let a person belittle who I am. I am ending the cycle to say hitting a woman is okay. I am ending the cycle that talking down on woman is okay. And I will stand for my siblings, myself and my future children. No human being deserves to be abused physically or mentally.

“Difficult roads lead to BEAUTIFUL destinations..”