Since I can remember I would walk away from the kid doing something we weren’t supposed to be doing. Getting older you would think it’s easier but it gets harder. You see these people you see as family or close childhood friends but when they Constantly do things to hurt you or to bring you down it kind of messes with your head. Because inside you see them as a safe zone since you were a kid. 

This kind of connects to my blog “I don’t like you but I love you.” These people in our lives built this connection with us to love them and cherish the many memories they hold. To the point when they do wrong it’s difficult for us to accept it.

Coming from being an only child for ten years and having such a strong bond with both my parents it was hard for me to see what was going on. I stayed in denial thinking it was just okay. That’s when a cycle has been distinguished. Once I seen it again it began to open my eyes and stepping away from it made me only realize what has been going on has been taking place for years.

As I was told time will heal. I have accepted it but it has been hard at some points. I continue to get invited by my mom to places. She doesn’t get why I have distanced myself. She tells people my brother and I left just because it was time. She got that part right but she forgets the part where we told her we were scared, traumatized and in Pain.
Yesterday I went to my boyfriends grandmas house. I wish my siblings had came with me so they could see there is such thing as such loving people. This family has taken me in and loved me as if they knew me since I was little. Having the support I have and been given this family to love me I know I am headed the right path.