I received a text from my dad saying he loved me. I didn’t lie I responded I loved him back. But I have a feeling just with that text message he thinks he and I are fine. My sister told me how he broke down to her last weekend talking to himself..”I didn’t call her a bitch? I didn’t? And even if I did I was probably drunk or something..oh well.”

It’s crazy to know that he still thinks about it. And to answer his question he did call me a bitch, he called me a bitch on two different occasions one when he was drunk and once when he was sober. He slapped me before too because he was mad at my mom being drunk and me trying to stop him from yelling at her then choking my mom in front of us. He forgot that too.

He tells everyone how I don’t want to talk to him but I have reached out to him verbally (He shut me down), I wrote him letters (he said letters don’t always work), and I moved to show him he is pushing us away.

I have reached out to my mom of how much this has impacted us but she is in pain to and has been blinded from everything. It seems as if she became forgetfulness.


It’s sucks to think that everything we know is true but when we tell him he runs to “NO it didn’t happen” or “I don’t remember”

I call it denial. Which I get. He can’t own up to his own actions. I don’t blame him for being disgusted of himself