Some people may have a time in their life when they know they come across somebody and saying no can be hard. Especially when it’s someone you love deeply. I have came to an understanding that when I love someone it’s hard to think that person can be wrong.

But in reality ANYONE can be wrong. That’s the beauty of being human that there is no right way. The hardest part tho is to understand what is okay to do or say to others. 

It’s important for us to communicate and set these boundaries to make it known to others what is and not okay. 

For example the verbal abuse that went on in my family. The first time my father threatened to hurt or divorce or call me names. It’s forgiven the first time. The second time it’s forgiven but pressing the limit. Once it happened the 3rd, the fourth the fifth then that’s way past the sorties and important to set the boundary. 

A boundary isn’t to hurt that person but to teach them what you accept and not accept. It’s important to make that boundary clear especially if you have others involved and they could possibly go through similar things.

It’s hard to send that message across of the reason when the person has not come to owning their wrongs. But having at least 1 person plus a therapist I guarantee you that your path will seem clear and your boundaries will begin to glow.

Don’t give up.