Things that we go through can be taken two different routes we can let it bring us down or make something of it.


I chose to make my past and turn my healing into my road to success. I have been working hard with school and my two jobs. At times I have been working full time and school full time. Although it has been a lot, I can say this has helped me overcome many things.

Mental Abuse can lead to low self esteem and I was able to control it by gaining knowledge towards my goals. Having my brother with Autism and grandmother with Alzheimer’s seeing their paths have influenced me to wanting to pursue a career as an Occupational Therapist.

I may not have the relationship I had wanted with my parents but maybe reaching my academic goals and career goals it can open their eyes and I can push my younger siblings to do the same.

I write today to reach out  for any assistance to help me get closer to my dream. I have made a go fund me to help pay for my tuition. I have been notified from the school I am transferring to that I need a year to receive my Bachelors which means another step closer to becoming an Occupational Therapist.

From the highs and lows this is what I chose to do in order to take control of my situation. I advise those who have gone through mental abuse, verbal abuse, domestic violence and anything else to not drop your dreams. There is so much ahead of us and if WE take control of OUR situation we then overcome these situations.

Writing, therapy, support and a plan will get you through this. It’s possible

if you can share, spread and help me it would be a true blessing to me. Thank you for all the support every reader and writer has given me to be where I am today.