He called me the other night and texted me today I feel he is beginning to realize.

It is sad to say we lost my uncle in a way that will scar our family. My dad reached out to me in pain from losing one of his brothers. I know I myself have been healing from the verbal abuse but I know this is a moment where I can support him with a loss.

It’s interesting how we go on years losing loved ones but cannot wrap our finger around losing another person. The memories and experiences is what makes it difficult.

He reached out saying how he felt lost. He mentioned he wasn’t perfect but he was trying. How my uncles burial was not easy to take in. I can explain more of what he said but the personal way how he FINALLY opened up. He may not have asked what has been going on with me but it’s baby steps. I know one day he will come to realization of accepting and owning his past and knowing where he went wrong.

It may have taken a close death for him to begin seeing things but I took that opportunity  support him and also give him some of my insight but in the most comforting way.

These moments I am beyond grateful to study psychology. I have this Million piece puzzle and I feel I am finally figuring out the picture.

I made it known how therapy is so important for us right now as they are the fresh clean slate looking and listening to our story and can pin point what we need to fix better than us.

This may or may not be the time he begins to come to an understanding of things but its a matter of baby steps. I am willing to accept this to take years. I may or may not be able to share my achievements to them, or even my struggles. But in the matter of giving time, love and support things we get better.

I imagine his thinking as this tough knot. Its so tangled with pain, frustration, sadness, memories and worries but every time he takes a shot at untangling it he figures out the path to begin at to fix that knotted piece.