Autism Awareness Month…

In honor of this month I would like to share how lucky I am to be a big sister to such an amazing young man. One of the sweetest, loving, caring, warm person you would meet. 

I wanted to share an experience I had with him a while back. One day he shared how he worked with another student that he is aware has special needs. He then asked me if he was different. Well this is what I told him,

You are a good kind of different. You see, hear, taste and feel things differently than others. But a good different. It’s important you share your findings with everyone because there are times the way you come across something they may not have noticed it. You know there is a label which they call it Autism which you have but it means you are amazingly special and you have this gift not many people get.

He looked at me and smiled and shared that means I can be a singer and vet to show what I know huh?


My brother is 13 and high functioning. Autism is his label but not who he is. It’s a matter of how he interprets things. I feel beyond lucky to have him in my life and to work with different children on the spectrum. Seeing their goals being met and seeing them express their personality has been such an honor to witness. 

Because of what I do has helped me through my mental abuse. Seeing the little things I get to celebrate with them is the best feeling. 

Also being able to witness my little brother’s achievements has been just amazing. And I know with the head he has on his shoulders he will just exceed. Again he is labeled but it is not a reason for him not to reach his dreams.