I got back home at 8am from a morning hike with a friend. It felt really nice to start my day by exercising with a safe zone. Although I may be out of shape having a friend there pushed me to reach the top. 

Last week my boyfriend and I did something similar but 5 miles along the beach and looking at gorgeous houses.

It feels amazing to leave all my thoughts behind and to be able to enjoy such a pretty view. 

I was able to share my story with my friend and I did it without tearing up and I finally feel more than proud but I feel making a connection with her she was able to open up as well. Finding connections and taking time to let your thoughts out has been very valuable to me these last couple months. 

There are still some flaws in which I wish and hope my mom could seek more help especially to slow down with her drinking and smoking but as time goes by only the future knows what is in store for us.

I have came across multiple people that come from similar stories and to share and lift each other up has been amazing. 

If you’re reading this know you are an amazing person. If you have some things that are stressing you are bringing you down I suggest taking a walk with a loved one and writing your feelings. The more you let it out the better. But now we can’t let our feelings out just ANY way do it in a healthy manner.

The more positive people I have surrounded myself with the better the influences they had on me versus the negative was just killing and bring me down. 

Things may not be perfect between my parents and I but I know with given time things will click and realizations will be made. I’m just thankful that my siblings feel confident to come to me and we continue to hold a strong bond between each other. 

May you have an amazing day! Share the love and stay positive.

You are a beautiful person and you will get through it❤