My heart goes out to those in the shooting this afternoon. Its saddens my heart to know this happened at another elementary school.

What blew my mind is when my boyfriend texted me she was a special needs teacher AND she was his TA teacher when he was in high school.

One of the things I read about the shooter was how he had a criminal history and a domestic violence history.

You know this is another story I here about domestic violence. Who knows what this woman went through but my heart goes out to her family as well as the students family.

This is why I feel the importance to share awareness. At this moment in my life my parents are in their honeymoon phase which who knows it could last for years, months, days or it may even come to a complete stop.

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One of the things I can’t really put my finger on is how do we stop those causing domestic violence. If  victims survive and move on and the perpetrator does not seek help. They end up being set free in this world and with our hope they do not harm another person.

But this is why we should make it aware and reach out to those we know could be dealing with similar things.

Also learning about mental awareness. I suggest people look into getting their Mental Health First Aid. I was so fortunate to be trained by a neurologist whom was affected by the Sandy Hook shooting as his daughter was one of the students that was lost.

This training opened my mind in another direction to be able to understand people on a healthy mental state. Knowing what can be done and said to be able to stop crimes like these.