Dear mom and dad,

I am healing. There are some things that were done and said that we cannot take back. I get it… nobody is perfect.

Do you remember ever having a broken heart from a break up? How did it feel when you tried getting back with the person. Trying to make things normal again and building that relationship. I bet it took time. 

I had a bad break up with you guys. I love you a lot. I wish there was no hitting. I wish I never tried helping to end up being called a bitch. I wonder what would of happened if you didn’t drink that night. What if you crashed? What would it have been like if mom would have stood up for me?

That’s all I wanted mom and dad…for you guys to stop stop drinking…

I was an easy target. You dragged my boyfriend into the argument because you knew that would hurt me.

What would have happened if I called the cops the night you hit me and choked mom, would we have not gone through the other stuff?

I could always question you guys with what if right?

Mom and dad I have always looked up to you for guidance. One day because my brother was also trying to get to you…you turned…I remember going home feeling as if you guys died…it felt as if my whole past was a lie or just lost. It’s a pain I can’t even describe.

I know you guys are trying to make things the way they used to be but it’s hard. Our break up was painful. Our breakup was traumatizing. 

I was always scared of people using me and accusing me of things. I pray..I hope…I wish you guys reflect and don’t do this to my brother. He’s sweet and innocent. Don’t damage him. It’s so damaging and hard to get out of. Please…stop drinking…look at what’s been done. Fix the broken pieces the right way. Don’t just move on thinking it’s all okay fix it. Things can’t run the right way if they aren’t fixed.

As we try to make this relationship work I hope it’s fixed and I hope you’re decisions are made carefully. I love you guys, I love my siblings, I love our family. But please fix us. Dont leave it broken.