So I am supposed to be  working on my homework but I don’t want to forget these thoughts…

So I follow Ellen Degeneres and all the lives she has touched today she had Sheryl Sandberg share her story and her book.

Please take the time to read this book…it’s amazing! Option B by Sheryl Sandberg.

We all have our stories, disappointments, pains, losses, grieves, hardships and so much more. One thing Sheryl shares is how resilience is a muscle. The words she shares and writes are all the thoughts I had put into the perfect words.

Those who have read my story may understand..the domestic violence, verbal abuse and just pain.

She explains these moments but so much more and I just strongly recommend especially to my followers as I have read many post and know you may benefit from this reading as I did.

“We all encounter hardships. Some we see coming; others take us by surprise. It can be as tragic as the sudden death of a child, as heartbreaking as a relationship that unravels, or as disappointing as a dream that goes unfulfilled. The question is: When these things happen, what do we do next?”

Excerpt From: Sheryl Sandberg & Adam Grant. “Option B.” iBooks.

I have wrote about taking control of my hardship and healing process to exceed and make a difference. I hope this book touches your life as it has done to mine.

Remember you are beautiful, you are amazing and make a difference in other lives 🙂