Mothers days is coming up…

I know Ive been quite distant.

It feels weird to think there was once a normal relationship between my parents.
Well not normal but not like this.

My dad talked to me asking to hangout and part of me wants to finally write or tell him the truth. He keeps talking to me as if nothing EVER happened. I get the only thing he could say is sorry but I want him to get as crystal clear is how much pain this brought…how much damage it did…how much I was robbed for this…

And to understand it didn’t just break me it even broke my brothers and sister and my grandpa And yes INCLUDING MY MOM. She won’t admit it to you..

She’s scared of you shutting her down once again like the past years as you have been doing.

All I need you to text me what’s wrong or what ever happened between us and I will be glad to pour it all out. But that will let me know you’re ready to hear the truth as you have been hiding behind guilt and denial these past years..

Little do you know guilt and denial damaged this family…