I love you. You hurt me.

Remember when we won the championship game? 

Remember when you choked my mom and slapped me.

I still have the picture with the Winnie the Pooh and the lollipop, I was sitting on your lap and you kissed me.

I still think about the times you told me you were divorcing my mom and said it was her fault.

I laugh about the times we used to play PlayStation together.

I cry about the times you told me I was selfish and called me out of my name.

Remember the bracelet you got me when I was 12 ..I still wear it.

Remember the night you told my mom you could get more girls on your …rather than deal with her.

I listen to the song you dedicated to me…Daddy’s little girl by Tim McGraw.

The words you said that night replay when people ask how you are.

I love you dad. You broke me dad.