There are so many stories across this world and first hand working with kids I can say 99% of these kids have the perfect house hold. But reality I was one of those kids others may have been mixed in with. I smile 24/7. Parents go to all the meetings. I went to school with my homework done. I was the student who got the monthly achievement awards.

If my teachers from elementary, middle or high school spoke im sure they would have figured NOTHING was ever wrong. 

But really there was. I was breaking little by little without anybody knowing. I was told many things that emotionally hurt but it was invisible to me. How would I know right?

This is the reason I work with children. Making them smile and laugh as you never know what they see or hear at home but think it’s normal until 20 years later realize it was hurting them.

I wonder sometimes if I would have called the cops that time her hit us..what would have happened? What if I would have told my teacher that was the 4th time they told me they were going to get a divorce after fighting? What if I told my teacher that I was locked out of the apartment because they were fighting?

I could always go back but the only way to solve it is to hear these kids. We can’t always resume but sharing our stories to prevent this. If I would have know….

I swear I can live off of saying that..IF I WOULD HAVE KNOWN….

If you have children or you get siblings or anybody actually just acknowledge them. Tell them WHY they are special. Make that a goal for yourself and tell somebody that their smile made a difference. We get so caught up in time sometimes that when we actually take a moment in our day to acknowledge the little things who knows what that could do. You might turn somebodies day to the best day ever! You might save a life! You might open somebodies eyes!

We are all human and live with these emotions that are so sensitive and fragile but surrounding ourselves and expressing our gratitude can make not only us feel better but it spreads.

Have an amazing weekend❤