I can share I suffered from a trauma that hurt me emotionally. It lead me to break and mourn and almost led me to give up. I was already at the point in life where I put all my hard work to it’s test and working towards my long term goals. 

If you know a person or if you are a person who suffers from PTSD know that there is such thing as Post Traumatic Growth. Making your lows turn into your success story. And not only that you can help or inspire another person by sharing how you over came and also guide somebody to overcome something.

For a moment I felt embarrassed to even share how I was feeling about my parents. I felt my age would not get many people to take me serious. As a matter of fact I felt people would think I just didn’t want to listen but to actually see and hear abuse and know what was being done was wrong I found the RIGHT people to share with. That made me grow. 

It’s an amazing feeling to know somebody believes you. It’s amazing to know people told me they were there WITH me not for me.

The best way to give back is to help at an development part of life which is why I entered working with kids and working with special needs. Because they also have a voice and sometimes is not heard. Remember age is a number. The guidance, the experience, the reasoning can help identify how you perceive things. Spread awareness.

Help another. Love another. You are amazing in every way❤