I feel it has been a while since I have written… new school, work, deadlines, more hours sometimes I debate what would be better more hours in a day or more days of the week.

Well anyways..this quote.. something happened today that I feel is able to connect to EVERY situation I have faced in life. School, friends, listening, driving, jobs, life and etc…

We live our lives daily… things happen daily..

Do we control what happens 100%? No

Can we control what happens after? Yes

Answer this…Do you feel weak when you feel bad things are coming your way? When your day did not go as planned? When your LIFE did not go as planned?

That’s it! I am sure you probably have had at least ONE moment. For me I know I have had MILLIONS! You know what has helped me?

Smiling. Writing. Running. SMILING. Being optimisitc.

This leads to when you are in THAT moment when you’re day or week or hour or year to know it is okay to be bummed and you may not be 100% capable of cheering yourself up but removing your thoughts for just one second and self talk that you will be okay, it could be worse or even knowing if you grab a hold of this problem by reacting to it positively that SMILE will come naturally.


It has been 6 months since I moved from home. It has been 6 months since the night I felt I disconnected from my parents. 6 months since I grew.

In those 6 months I gained MORE knowledge in my field. In those 6 months I began at a new school. In those 6 months I tried new things. In those 6 months I helped another hand get through that one moment that could make or break you.

If you are having a rough time or day… take a step back from your situation and list all the amazing things you have done in life… list the things you WANT to do .. do a random act of kindness for somebody..

As you try one of these your smile will come naturally…

Try it even if your having a great day! I am sure it will feel even better.

I wrote 15 gratitude letters to 15 people that smiled, said something, hugged me or just nodded when I was facing a rough part in my life. I gave them out last week and it felt AMAZING! To step back from the things I was stressing just to reflect and make somebody feel special..as words can be so powerful and using them to your advantage to bring a smile I guarantee you it will make you smile too.