Tomorrow is Father’s Day….

My father is a narcissist…It has been 6 months since I left the house and mentally I feel better. I was invited to join my Grandpa, uncle and dad for Father’s Day. I feel awkward to show as it’s a day to celebrate. Of course I am happy to celebrate my grandpa and uncle as they have been amazing influences in my life. As for my dad…well he’s been there but then he also broke me. How do I celebrate with hidden pain? I want to give him a letter for the good memories but the way he is he will take it as if everything is okay which it isn’t because of how he left things with my brother. My brother is 18 left the house for the same reason of my dad being so manipulative but he didn’t want to accept it. So he disowned him. 

It’s an ugly feeling to know all my siblings are there but we are being judged every movement, every word and every breathe.

I’m hoping for the best…