It has been a while since I wrote…

It has been a while since my parents fought….

It has been a while since I felt so hurt from his words…

A few months ago the fight that changed my life led me to move. My mom got my dad out of jail instead of protecting us. He hit her and she still chose him. 

My siblings and I begged her but only she knows why she made that decision.

Betrayal, lost, alone, hurt, depressed.

My sister called me the other day and told me their friends witnessed and tried to stop another fight. He was dragging her this time and punching her. Pulling her by the hair.

It hurts because it’s my mom. I wish I could reach out and take her from the relationship but she just goes back to him. The last call I want to get is that he killed her.

My grandpa called me scared as it’s his daughter he’s worried about…all I could say is I’m scared too. She won’t listen.

This roller coaster seems never ending.

It has been a while since I had my parents back..

It has been a while since I knew what it was like to be loved by them.