4 years… I have been without social media.. where I connected with family and friends.

In those 4 years I lost my family and friends because of social media. They seem to have got trapped and live their life through a lens that is not who they really are….

Have you noticed someone close to you that has as well?


I am not saying social media is horrible as some stay connected in that way but its the matter of how it is used. I lost my parents in it because they live two lives.

Social Media: We are this amazing and close family. We have all these amazing things, we take all these amazing trips, we are close, we have no struggles, they have the just perfect marriage, they are not hurting, they are involved in their kids lives fully, understand their son with autism, support all their children moves



My dad beats my mom… they are in a toxic relationship

My parents broke me and have not fixed it but “kept going and trying to forget it happened”

Have not learned the main point of who my brother is and how to help him fully with Autism.

Have disowned my brother for being hurt by their choices….

We tore apart and are not close ..


Totally different right…

Which I get and understand nobody is perfect… which is why I write. I write to help this imperfection. I write to help myself guide my life to a healthier direction…

Can I challenge you to something?

If you have have social media…close it for a while..

It can be a day.. a week…a month…. Find yourself.. and love and appreciate every second of your life. Call someone and tell them how much you appreciate them. It feels amazing when you do so.

4 years without social media and I have loved my life more than ever. It has its flaws but I will not live to impress others with what I do and don’t have. As it is social media took my family…