In through your nose…Out through your mouth. Do you hear your heart beat…

2 years…and counting of the process of healing. For other it may be shorter or even longer. Giving yourself the opportunity to breathe and heal in YOUR time. Taking time to mourn, take in what happened and find positive things and people to surround yourself with.

I am HAPPY, I feel content with my life and stronger than ever. I feel as if I built a new army ready to at all moments.

Family… there has been MANY moments where I do feel down thinking about the relationship I lost with my parents from years ago as I am allowed to. As long as I keep moving forward after all I am human.

If you do not feel safe to speak to someone write it, draw it, sing it. Let it out before it eats you. Once you release you feel it physically leaving you with a huge sigh of relief that you are NOT ALONE. As there are MILLIONS of viewers and listeners out there who may have a connection to your story.

Keep your head up and keep going. Let this be the beginning of your story and change the ending to something others would not even believe could happen. After all you can be the difference..