Gift of Light

"Let your smile change the world, don't let the world change your smile."



Answer one…Answer two…

It has been a year. One year since I left the pain to begin a clean slate. I am happy. I feel healed and I feel proud. I sit and think of those who have not spoken. Please tell someone...... Continue Reading →

Lucky to be your Sister

Autism Awareness Month... In honor of this month I would like to share how lucky I am to be a big sister to such an amazing young man. One of the sweetest, loving, caring, warm person you would meet.  I... Continue Reading →

I Tried ONCE again

My brother called me heart broken. He felt lost and in pain. He told me he couldn't handle living there anymore. I told him no matter what I would support his decision. He decided to move with my cousin. It... Continue Reading →

Stop This Nightmare

I woke up from a nightmare that made me frustrated. It replayed the stories I've heard that my mom went through... I want to scream and shout so she can hear me..  LOOK! Can't you see what he's doing to... Continue Reading →


13 years ago I can remember my grandma crying every night. She had lost her mom, her dad, her sister, some brothers, another sister then what topped it off her only son. She was past depression. Then she got diagnosed... Continue Reading →

A letter to my brother

I am going to the store today to buy my youngest brother a journal. After he shed his tears it made me realize how much many things have had an impact on him. I drafted this letter that will be... Continue Reading →


I have a younger brother who is 10 years younger than me. He is a bright kid and so loving. My brother has autism but is high functioning. I can say his social awareness and hygiene have been his biggest... Continue Reading →

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